Woman’s body before and after a diet

Hello girls!

My name is Charlotte, I’m 26 years old and for my greatest happiness, my little sweetheart asked me in marriage in February 2016. The Angry Bride’s blog quickly became a gold mine for all my questions and research of information related to marriage … Between decor and honeymoon tips, what a pleasure to have the feeling of belonging to a caring community accompanying us to this wonderful day that is marriage! With the passing months and the approaching D Day (May 2017), an anguish has gradually been insinuated in me and, I can say, spoiled a good part of the preparation of this day which nevertheless did not inspire me only joy and excitement at first … This is the weight and pressure around the wedding dress.

From a vague point of attention to a real anxiety

Accustomed diets but also yoyos making me go from size 36 to size 44 (and back!), Weight has always been a key element in my life, an indicator of more or less happy and stressful periods. I met my future husband at the top of my fitness (that is to say for me of my weight), and as the years passed, I had taken a few pounds when the marriage proposal.

In my mind, the basis of marriage preparation started with a clear goal: to return to my previous weight, where I would feel better in my body. It’s out of the question to start bridal gown trials at my current weight.

The months passed, and for various personal and professional reasons, I did not lose the desired weight, but stabilized during the summer and felt ready to embark on the famous fittings … After a real favorite, accompanied by my mother and sister, I found the perfect dress, with the precious advice of a very charming Pronovias saleswoman who really made me feel beautiful during fitting.

So here we are in September 2016, a beautiful dress ordered … in a size above, just to know how to do all the necessary alterations during the next fitting of my dress in February 2017.

For reasons that I do not fully explain yet, and that are not the subject of this testimony, I began to gain a lot of weight from the month of September. Compulsive behavior with regard to food, and paradoxically the coming together of the fateful date of the fitting of my dress did not mix well.

As the month of February drew nearer, I grew fatter and at the same time panicked: eating the day in an anarchic way, then suffering terrible insomnia at night and realizing that I would not literally go back into the ordered dress; I imagined the astonished and disapproving look of the shop assistant, I not daring to leave the booth to show the result to my witnesses; I mixed all this with a story heard “via via” of a girl who had grown so much before her marriage that she did not fit in her dress on D-day (she had cracked it trying to pass it) and had had to find a plan B the same day … The horror.

I then tried to move as soon as possible the fitting of the dress, arriving at a deadline of this spring: no way to do it later because of the timing.

Not everything is perfect yet, but I’m working on it

We are there now. The dreaded fitting, so much nightmare, will take place next week.

I am so sad to have myself transformed a period that could have been so beautiful and full of joy in total stress and panic. Of course, my terror at the thought of having to try on my dress affected all the rest of the wedding organization, and I had (and still have) a hard time enjoying myself completely, always having above me a real black cloud tied to this damn weight and the wedding dress.

While browsing the blog, I did not find any evidence related to this real panic about the fast weight loss treatment and the wedding dress … yet I guess I’m not the only one to have suffered from such a situation.

I went to see a few weeks ago a nutritherapist who helped me a lot to relax, understand my behavior and be more serene about my weight. Today, I lost a little weight (nothing transcendent!), I start to feel better and especially I try to relativize. Losing sleep and being gripped with such anguish for a simple piece of tissue …

It can be disproportionate. I am very lucky to be surrounded by a wonderful future husband, a very present family and great friends, to have no health or financial problems in my environment, so I prefer to hang on to everything this positive.

I tell myself now that we will see what will happen next week. The dress was still ordered a size above, so I hope that it will pass … and then otherwise we’ll see. I am tired of months of flogging and malaise, I now need to feel lighter and to rejoice at the approach of this unique day. I’m starting to look forward to it!


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