Lovely Wedding Décor that You Just Must Get!

Lovely Wedding Décor that You Just Must Get!

Lovely Wedding Décor that You Just Must Get!

Weddings are amazing! They always look so brilliant and perfect! No matter your tastes, there’s always a wedding venue and setup out there that you just love. It seems like no matter how many weddings you go to, the décor of each one is always unique; not a single wedding setup is the same! This is largely due to the fact that there is so much diversity of décor options that you can find just about anything you like. Trust me, even if you have a very strict style, I promise you’re going to love at least one of these!

Fancy and Blue

It is apparent that the bride and groom of this wedding love their blue! They have gorgeous blue chairs and blue tablecloth, with a lovely array of candles and pinkie-purple flowers. Even the napkins are blue! Above these tables are a whole bunch of perfectly placed light and dark blue ribbons, almost like curtains, wrapped together forming an upside down dome! This style of wedding décor is for those who love fancy themed weddings. If you are one of those who want to be fancy, consider something like this! You can always change the colour theme if you have a different favourite!

Where’s the Liquor?

It’s pretty obvious what the theme of this one is! You have very simple, but still lovely white covered tables with the appropriate plates and cutlery. In the centre of each table is a gorgeous bunch of flowers. Draped over the ceiling are eight strips of thin white cloth. The rest of the room looks almost like a barn; and then there are the things that I bet you noticed first! More than twenty giant barrels of liquor surround the entire two back walls! If you love your liquor almost as much as you love your soon-to-be spouse, then this is the décor for you!

Elegant, Yet Amazing!

This wedding was set up outside in a gorgeous field of grass! Pretty green trees in the background add to the simplistic, yet very unique décor. One long table spreads out in a zig-zag line underneath a bunch of overhead lights. On the table sits sets of different coloured candles and greenery, all equally spread across the table. The glasses for each guest are perfectly cleaned and crystal clear. Even the chairs, which are a simple brown wood, have an elegant uniqueness to them. If you’d like to have a simple but still amazingly stylish themed wedding then something like this one may be to your liking!

Well, What are You Waiting for?!

Now that you know your style, you can get out there and start planning your own perfectly decorated wedding! Remember, while you may like the décor you’ve seen above, everyone has a unique idea of what their wedding is to be like in the end. Sure, follow along with the style you prefer, but don’t just settle for a copy! Design your own décor and then find someone with the capability of making your dreams come true!

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