Keeping the Peace at a Wedding
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Keeping the Peace at a Wedding


A shorter word that peace is “yes”, and from this affirmation of unconditional love comes the commitment of two people who decide to enjoy pleasures and face vicissitudes always united every day of their lives.


Even if a man and a woman feel mutual attraction and make the decision to get married, it is the particular knowledge they have of themselves and among themselves (fears, abilities, limitations, challenges) that will allow them to be sustained in respect, understanding and tolerance, establish rules of coexistence aimed at building a harmonious environment.


There are people who make a peace to suit you, and then they are those irresponsible and self-centered who design their peace at the expense of the suffering and harm of others, including their family.


Every day there are proliferating movements and organisms that work in search of peace. It advocates world peace, peace between countries and communities, social peace, with the interest of reconciling criteria through agreements or favorable negotiations to avoid or end conflicts and wars between governments, establishing a climate of public tranquility. But these great efforts, and we did not take away the merit, would be easier if the governments also worked for family LaPaz, ensuring the emotional and spiritual health of its members.


But the big question … where do we find PEACE? Is it possible to have a relationship without conflicts or disagreements? To maintain peace in the relationship we must consider 3 elements:


Be aware that being in PEACE does not mean not having conflicts at all. On the contrary, situations remind us day by day that we are human and therefore different. It is in that we know how to resolve in a timely manner and in an appropriate way those situations that may compromise the harmony in the relationship.



It is almost impossible to achieve a state of FREE mediation families if there is chaos inside us. Reencountering inner peace is fundamental. Therefore, we must end the war we have with ourselves. It is necessary to take a time to make a stop and give a new order to our priorities. This is how, by placing the order in our inner house, we can order the exterior. True peace comes from God’s. John 14:27 tells us: “I leave you peace, I give you my peace. The peace I give them is not like the peace the world gives. Let there be no anguish or fear among you. “The family that leaves God aside cannot find true peace. The sacramental relationship must be Christocentric, based on values, on an active experience of faith. That conjugal and family peace will depend on the personal connection with the source of energy and wisdom, which for Christians is God.



From the family as the nucleus of society is where you receive principles and values that create traditional links for generations. The leaders of the home are those who will provide security, affection, effective and effective communication, which will allow them to forge a suitable character, sense of belonging and independence to the children.


Therefore, a husband or wife who lives in peacefully enjoys their love relationship and this state of satisfaction is impregnated in the other members of the family naturally.




Say what bothers us, but we must know how to say it and when to say it. The key is to maintain constant communication. Marriage is not heaven, there is no perfection, but it is essential that there is always an intention to solve any adverse situation. It is healthy to share disagreements, establish a respectful dialogue in a convenient time and space. Also, consider the words and tone as we express ourselves so that we avoid worsening the circumstances.



Celebrates the triumphs of your partner. We are not in the relationship to compete but to celebrate the other’s triumphs. Give us space. Although we are a couple, we are INDIVIDUAL beings. Having activities in common is rewarding, but it is also necessary to respect the loneliness of each one and not be invasive. Be aware of the position that the couple’s wedding and the family occupies in our life.

“The human being needs to reconcile with himself, with God and with his neighbor to know the true meaning of peace”


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